Nancy Powhida ~ Multi Media

Nancy Powhida 
Sculptor, Printmaker, Painter

 Breathe! My sculpture comes from life, from the repertoire of human action and interaction. I was a counselor for many years. As I make art and converse with the art world, figurative narrative is my game. I consult classical and contemporary sources to find a springboard for new maquettes, sculptures, and tableaux. My art is largely biographical.

My current pieces are sculpted, freeze framed, dramatic tableaux. They reflect my lifelong interest in our local history. Carved, pink, foamboard sculptures portray local dramatic moments during our French and Indian and Revolutionary wartime (1750s -1780’s). In each work three to five, interactive figures roughly 10”x 7”x 6”, inhabit a flat 22”x22” space. Each piece revolves around a renowned hero or heroine such as Jane McCrea and the scene depicts an historical event. (Jane was celebrated in song and verse throughout the 19th century as a martyr to the patriotic cause after her alleged murder by Indians in 1777. In my research I was delighted to find the colonial period paintings of F. C. Yohn at the Chapman Museum. The paintings F. C. Yohn and Richard Ferris became the springboard for this work

     A romantic reunion was the basis for my previous carved insulation board series; The “Ode to Love Series” depicts the myriad aspects of a long-term love relationship.  For example, Fragonard’s painting of “The Meeting” inspired my Series #5 piece; I cullied the ideas for the series from historically amorous funerary, genre and mythological sculptures and paintings especially from the Romantic period (circa
1750 to 1850).  
     I am a formalist artist who works representationally. I work in largely non-traditional materials such as insulation board, great stuff and resins. I use a subtractive and additive carving, cutting process. I use clear, quick drying, paper glue and insulation foam. I use acrylic varnish to toughen and protect each work. I make small and life size sculptures I am a trained painter, printmaker and sculptor. Currently sculpture is my primary medium. I also create digital art. 

     I have had the pleasure to associate with many wonderful artists and have been a member of GAA for about 28 years!
"General Lyman, at the Battle of Lake George"
"Lighthouse Interior"
"Be Anything"

"Late Night Encounter with Martin Kippenberger and William Powhida"

"Love Series #5"

"Porch on Lake George"

Vermont College of Norwich University, Montpelier, VT.
M.A. with a Concentration in Painting, 1991
Skidmore College, Saratoga, NY  B.S. in Studio Art, 1989
State University at Albany, Albany, NY  M.A. in Sculpture,  2015                             
Saratoga Arts Center, Members Hall, Saratoga, NY 2013
Visitors Center, Saratoga, NY 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013
Northville Library Gallery, Northville, NY 2005
Saratoga Hospital Medical Library, Saratoga, NY 2005
Shenendahowa Public Library, Clifton Park, NY 2007, 2005
Case Center Gallery, Skidmore College, NY 1989
Glens Falls City Hall, Glens Falls, NY 2011, 2014, 2016
National Juried Exhibition, Cooperstown, NY, 1995, 2006-2012
New York Society of Etchers Juried Exhibition, NYC, 2006, 2012
Tang Museum Skidmore Alumni Juried Show, Saratoga, NY 2014
Hudson-Mohawk Regional Exhibit, 1989,1992, 2004, 2015
International Print and Drawing Exhibition at Bradley U., Peoria, IL. 2007
New York International Print Center Juried Etching Exhibition, NYC 2005
FMCC- The Perrella Gallery Regional, Johnstown, NY 2008
 Albany Print Club, 16th National Juried Exhibit, Colonie, NY 1989
Guild of Adirondack Artists Member Shows, 1992 - Present
Lake Placid Juried Shows, Lake Placid, NY, 1989, 1992, 2003, 2010
Fulton Street Juried Gallery Shows 1993, 2002
Black and White Juried Shows, Lake Placid, NY, 1995, 2001
Albany Print Club Member Shows, 1990-2005
Saratoga County Arts Center Gallery, Saratoga, NY 1998
Saratoga Arts Member Shows 2005 to Present
Crossroads Exhibition, Albany Center Gallery, Albany, NY 1989
No. Country Arts Ctr. Juried Exhibition, Glens Falls, NY 2008, 2010-2013
No. Country Arts Member Shows 2015 to Present
From Stage to Studio, Spring St. Gallery, Saratoga, NY 2009
From Here to There, Union College Invitational Print Show, Schntdy, NY 2010
Albany Center Gallery Member Show, Albany, NY 2009-10
Liberty Street Open Studio, Albany, NY 2009-2011
LARAC Juried Show, Glens Falls, NY 201l-2013,
Target Purchase Award, 2005, RCCA Grant Award, 1992
Hudson-Mohawk Regional Show, U at Albany Purchase Award -1989, Award 2004
Lake Placid Jurors Award, 1989, Honorable Mentions 1991, 2001


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