Lisa David ~ Paintings

Residing in upstate New York, artist, Lisa David invites the viewer to share memories of common places and things. Her love of color and light is apparent in each painting she creates.
Growing up in Saratoga County, much of her childhood was spent camping in the Adirondacks. To continue the tradition with her own family, Lisa and her husband built a log cabin in North Hudson, NY. It is from her cabin that she paints her aquaintances with nature. Her work has a duality between the world of colorful objects and a private world she finds in nature. 
To capture the fleeting moment  nature reveals, she paints primarily in plein air, under the open sky. She will then create larger, more detailed studio paintings. She is receiving awards for her outdoor paintings done on location. 
Lisa teaches advanced drawing and painting at her alma mater, Shenendehowa High School. She also teaches at the Saratoga Arts Center. Recently, Lisa was commissioned for several pieces for "PAINT",
 a movie starring Owen Wilson.  
Lisa's work can be found online 

She is also represented Spa Fine Art on Broadway in Saratoga. 




"Last Light 47"

"Leisure Time"

"One Minute More"


"Strawberries and Cream"

"The Chase"

"Birch and Beech"


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