Adelaide Walsh Leibold ~ Mixed Media

Adelaide in her studio...

Art has always been a part of my life, in childhood, school, career and now retirement.
Of course those endeavors included sketching, pen and ink and now color, 
texture, oil and acrylic paints.
I love mixed media and incorporating found materials, including day lily stems in my recent work.
Much of my work develops into abstract expressions.
I begin with a thought, a shape, a color and a texture, then I'm off on a process that will give me a finished piece of art.
It's been a journey to this point and I hope to continue it for the rest of my life.
 I am always grateful to the people who have helped me on this journey. 
I currently have a studio space in the Shirt Factory, suite 311 Glens Falls, NY,
 and I am a member of
 various art organizations in the area. 

"Mixed Media with Stems"

                                                          "Forever Blowing Bubbles"

"My Idea of a Landscape"

                                                                    "Rear Windows"

"Color Wheel"


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