Monday, October 1, 2018

Annual Members Meeting ~ Reflections

September 19, 2018

Graciously hosted by Maureen Temple (New President)

Attendance: Joan Reid, Joann Johnson, Lise Fuller, Bev Saunders, Nancy Powhida, Fred Holman, Sandra Jabaut, Maureen Temple, Janine Thomas, Matt Kestner, Diane Swanson

What a gorgeous evening and potluck dinner at Maureen’s home with her husband Robin. 

Set in an awesome countryside landscape, we ventured to the nearby Lavenlair Farm (Lavender Farm) enjoying a stroll as the sun settled down for the night.  

A walk through the labyrinth centered our souls.  We enjoyed a harvest potluck with several tomato dishes, breads, chips, dip and Dickinson’s Delight’s pies. The gazpacho, was a real treat, thanks to Joann Johnson. We enjoyed our meal in the living room and began the meeting.

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