Friday, August 5, 2022

Annual GAA Members Show is up!

 Crandall Library, Glens Falls, NY
August 2 - 31, 2022

"Remnants of the Golden Corn" Bev Saunders Pastel $325

"Divine Inspiration/Blue Angel" Sandra Jabaut Oil $350 

"Flower Spirit" Sandra Jabaut oil $350

"Ode to Georgia, Three Leaves and a Feather" Kris Moss $350

"Eagle Lake" Joan Reid Oil $550

"Pete in Harness" Janine Thomas $400

"Vantage Point" Diane Swanson W/C Pen/Ink NFS
"Green Portal" Diane Swanson 
W/C Pen/Ink $410

"Fourth of July Skit/Wiawaka" Nancy Powhida $400

"Shine" Oils/Mixed Media Adelaide Liebold $250

"Just Passing Through" Oil Adelaide Leibold $350

"Follow Me" Mixed Media Adelaide Leibold $300

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